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Dashboards: Get started with dashboards

Step 1:

Make sure you have an add-on installed. If this is not the case, please follow the instructions.
Navigate to "Add-ons", select the appropriate add-on and click the "ADD" button for the add-on you are wanting to install. Follow the installation prompts in order to complete the add-on setup. Please read more on installing a specific add-on here.

Step 2:

If you are not using a preset "Connection", you will want to create one. this is how you tell Savvy Reports what data you want to use and from which add-on it is coming. Create as many connections as you like as they will be used in your charts and graphs. More information on the type of connections and how to create them, can be found here.

Step 3:

Create and name your dashboard by clicking on the "Dashboards" button in the menu and click "Create" a dashboard. You are able to "View" your dashboard and the charts you have added to it, as well as the dashboards that have been shared with you. Sharing dashboards with users by using the "Settings" button on each dashboard allows for team collaboration. Advisors could use this method to showcase a customers work.

You can read more about adding a guest user to your organisation here.
Once a user is a guest, they can be added by navigating to dashboards and clicking the settings button for the dashboard. Select the user from the dropdown menu and click save, they will now be able to view and edit the dashboard.

Step 4:

You are now able to add graphs and charts to your newly created dashboard.
First navigate to your dashboard, select the "Create" button and follow the setup wizard to create your desired chart. You are able to add a number of charts to any single dashboard, filter each chart individually, use multiple add-ons per chart & more...

Step 5:

Share your dashboards with staff and colleagues or send read-only dashboards via email. You could even invite you accountant into your Savvy Reports account to assists you.