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Pre-calculated connection: Creating a pre-calculated connection


Pre-calculated connections are great for when you require calculated preset fields to work with. Something as simple as the sum of all the invoices or income in your add-on. The first step is to supply a name and description for your connection.

The next step is selecting the add-on type you will be creating the connection for, this will ensure that all add-ons of this type in your Savvy Reports organisation will be able to use this connection unless deleted.

Build Calculations

The next step is to build your calculation, you are able to drag and drop or simply click the values in order to formulate your calculated connection.


Take advantage of our presets by clicking the "Load Presets" button and simply select from the dropdown menu.

Once completed, your connection will be available to viewing and edit under the connections button from the menu on the left. Your connection can now be used to create charts and graphs on a dashboard.