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Single add-on connection: Creating a single add-on connection


A single add-on connection is used when you would like to get data from a single add-on but from multiple fields. The first step is to supply a name and description for your connection.

The next step is selecting the add-on type you will be creating the connection for, this will ensure that all add-ons of this type in your Savvy Reports organisation will be able to use this connection unless deleted.


You will then be required to select the "data pointconnection-basic-endpoint.png", this is fancy talk for the type of data you are wanting from your add-on.


Lastly you must select the fields you want to use from the endpoint, this can be done by dragging and dropping or simply clicking from one box to the other.

Once completed, your connection will be available to viewing and edit under the connections button from the menu on the left. Your connection can now be used to create a report or charts and graphs on a dashboard.