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Multiple add-on connection: Data from multiple add-ons

First navigate to "Connections" where you are able to create a connection that will tell Savvy Reports what data you would like in your report or on your dashboard. You then create a new connection by clicking "Create". Follow the prompts selecting "Multiple Add-on Connection" to create a report or dashboard charts using multiple add-ons.


After selecting "Multiple Add-on Connection" as the connection type you wish to create, follow the prompts filling in the connection name and description. Next you will be asked to select the first add-on (integration) you wish to get data from and the type of data (endpoint).

Data Exchange

You then move onto selecting the exact data points you would like this connections to carry at all times. It is suggested that you select all of the available data points to make them available to any report that uses this connection, you will refine the data points again when creating the report. Simply click or drag and drop the data points you would like to store in this connection.

You have successfully created your first dataset for your report or dashboard.
It is important to note that this is the stage at which you will decide to add further data or complete the connection. If you wish to add additional data from the same add-on (integration) or a different one, click "Add" and you will repeat the 2 above mentioned steps. Repeat this cycle until you have all the data you want for your report in tower like stacks on the multiple add-on wizard "connect" step. Now that you have all of your data, you will need to create relationships between the data by simply clicking a field on one tower and the matching field on another data tower. It is very import to know that the data you are matching is the same data and that there is a match connecting all of the towers. There is no need to match data multiple times for each tower, there only needs to be a single match on each tower.

Please be aware that the relationships being built will greatly affect the data that is returned to you, please reach out to us if you need any assistance ( This connection only has to be built once for all of the data contained within it to be used by multiple reports. Only if you require different or additional data do you need to edit or create a new connection.