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simPRO: Getting started with simPRO

Before we can start using your simPRO data in your Savvy Reports organisation, you will first need to obtain your API details. You can get your API details by following step 1 below.

Step 1:

Getting started

- Login to your simPRO account.
- Click on System -> Setup
- "API" should be near the bottom. If it is not available, then you may not be an administrator. Hover over it and click "Applications".
- Follow "If you are looking for our legacy API applications screen, please click here."
- Click "Create Application".
- Fill in all the information with "Access Type" being "Direct Access".
- Download "OAuth Secret" after creating.

Step 2:

Add Add-on

Navigate to "Add-ons" in the menu and get directed to the add-ons page. Add the simPRO add-on and follow the login procedure.

Step 3:

Sign In

When prompted for your simPRO company details, please insert the following details. Making sure that you insert the complete host url with the "https://" included.

Consumer key : (e.g savvy-direct-access)
Consumer secret : (e.g hbJZmSExUfiBrluMChjWwDC)
Host URL : (e.g

Step 4:


After adding your simPRO details, you will be redirected back to the add-ons page. At this point there is one more step to be completed.

Step 5:


In order to finalize the add-on (integration) installation, you will now need to click the "SETUP" button on the simPRO add-on just added. From the dropdown menu select the company you wish to connect to and click "UPDATE". Your simPRO add-on is now installed and ready to be used.