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Add users: Adding users to your organisation

Adding users to your organisation is a great way to maximize your data understanding. Having colleagues from different departments interact with department specific data is the best way to make sure targets, KPI,s and budgets are met. Before a user can be added to your organisation, the user needs to have signed up to Savvy Reports and created an account. Once that has been completed, all you need is their email address. Navigate to users using the menu on the left of your screen, insert their email address and assign them a role, only admins are able to access this page.

There are 4 roles available to be assigned, the first being a very flexible custom role. The custom role is limited by default but admin rights can be assigned to the user of this role once the user has been added, simply edit the user after adding them. The guest role is also very limited by default and will only ever have access to home, dashboards and forecasts. This too can be edited and further restricted by editing the user once added. The guest role can only view dashboards and forecasts assigned to them, they are not able to create or delete their own. However they are able to edit dashboards and forecasts that they have been assigned to, this role is primarily used by advisors to assign to their customers. The role ensures that users are not able to view information or data that is not relevant to them. The admin and super admin roles are the same with the exception of being able to access billing content, only the super admin may access billing content.