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Grouping Columns: Custom Grouping of Columns

The data that your Add-ons such as Xero, Unleashed, Vend etc. return is not always presented in the format you need or is stored in a different manner to what you require in your report. Custom grouped columns allow you to have more reporting flexibility by enabling you to manipulate the data in each column of your report.

Custom Grouping Columns

Grouping a Column

Once you have created your base report you will have the ability to add your own grouping by clicking the columns icon at the top right of the report page. A popup box will open which allows you to add multiple groupings to your report. For each grouping column you are required to select the column and assign the order.

Selected Columns

Multiple Groupings

By selecting the "Add" button, you are able to add multiple grouping columns gaining the exact report you are wanting.

Column Ordering

Being able to move your columns around in your report is useful for displaying more important information first. When grouping is applied the column is automatically placed at the beginning of your report. You can rearrange this column or any other columns by clicking the edit button at the top right of your report and navigating to the columns window in the edit view. You will see your grouped columns showing up in the list of selected columns. If you have grouped a column and no longer want to show it, simiply click it to remove from your view. This column can be added again at a later stage if needed.

Ordering Columns