Being Business Savvy

Helping unlock and understanding your clients data is the foundation of Savvy Reports.

Your clients understanding of their business will determine the relationship you have with them. The more you help them understand, the greater the rapport that will be built. The fact is ! that most small/medium business owners do not understand their financials. This is where Savvy Reports helps explain the business in a language that they understand.

Help your client understand their inventory cycles better along with the sales and purchase cycles. How long is inventory sitting on the shelf before it gets sold ? How much stock do they need to carry through a season ?

These are questions that are easily answered using Savvy Reports and its numerous features.
  • Custom reports using blended data from multiple integrations.

  • three-way forecasting can project up to 10 years.

  • Consolidate monthly management reports in a few simple steps.

  • Flexible custom dashboards add beautiful visuals.

  • Add any number of cloud integrations to satisfy your needs.

  • Invite staff to securely participate and help you.

  • White label Savvy Reports for a better staff or franchise experience.

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    Adding Value

    Adding value for your clients and their staff should be a priority, but what does value look like ?

    Adding value to your practice is completing all that you do from day to day in as less time as possible, maintaining high standards of quality. Not using multiple tools that a single tool is capable of doing and never using spreadsheets to do reporting ever again.

    Create an experience for your clients that they understand, enjoy and benfit greatly from. Help them understand beyond their financials, how well their business is doing.
  • Helping clients achieve their business goals.

  • Build trust, understanding and rapport for lasting relationships.

  • Offer the best training and provide best business solutions.

  • Cash flow forecasting and understanding is key.

  • Expand your revenue opportunities by earning passive income.

  • Learn more about our features.

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    Building relationships

    The core of implementation partners is the relationship between client and partner. Implementation services are designed to put people and training them first and require you to get to know your clients properly.

    Meeting occasionally is a thing of the past, relationships must be built and maintained for you to truly add value and start to advise your clients. Clients want more and they are willing to pay for it.

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