Real-time data at your fingertips

Our seamless connection with Tanda is always connected, meaning your reports, forecasts, dashboards and budgets are never outdated. Tanda shows your shift, rostering and scheduling information, we help you project and look into possible outcomes to make better decisions.

  • Transform Tanda data into highly visual and easy to understand reports.
  • Accounting and advisory firms can forecast, report and share Tanda data.
  • Watch your shift data come to life with Tanda and Savvy Reports in real time.
  • What happens with the data ?

    Once you have connected your Tanda organisation to Savvy Reports, data is only pulled from Tanda into Savvy Reports,
    no data is ever pushed into Tanda at any stage.

    Forecasting & Budgets

    Focus on achieving your goals by making great decisions using accurate data.


    Create reports and charts using data from your cloud platforms in no time

    Trend Monitoring

    Easily review trends in your business using your customised reports and forecasting


    Quick and insightful metrics on the health of your business

    Cross-platform Integration

    Consolidate your data by integrating with one or more cloud platforms

    Customer Support

    Friendly and dedicated world class customer support

    About Tanda?

    Tanda is the world's #1 platform for rostering, attendance, labour insights and workforce success.

    Create your perfect roster in minutes.

    Build rosters to match customer demand with Tanda’s online rostering software. See staff availability as you go, save templates, set budgets and cost rosters to make sure you never go over budget.

    Empower managers to control wage costs.

    Increase profits by giving your managers the data they need to control wage spend. Set targets for labour costs and see it in real time as you build your roster.

    Workforce Compliant.

    Our Scheduling Software gives real-time overtime alerts and has built in break-enforcement to ensure your compliance with local labor laws without sacrificing your service.

    Simplify Employee Communication.

    Give staff the information they need by publishing rosters directly to the employee scheduling app. Staff receive shift reminders straight to their mobile device.

    Employee Time Clock App.

    Set up a time clock on any device in minutes and have your staff start clocking in. See clock ins live from any device and never worry about inaccurate staff timesheets again.

    Getting Started Guide

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    Step 1

    Log into your Savvy Reports account.

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    Step 2

    Navigate to the Add-ons page and add the Tanda Add-on.

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    Step 3

    Fill in your Tanda account information and connect.

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    Step 4

    Connection is complete. Start creating forecasts and reports.