Real-time data at your fingertips

Our seamless connection with simPRO is always connected, meaning your reports and dashboards are never outdated. Simplify your trade business with simPRO and manage your service, project and maintenance work, without the paperwork, in one flexible cloud solution.

  • Transform simPRO data into highly visual and easy to understand reports.
  • Use custom reports to blend your simPRO data with other cloud platforms.
  • Watch your financial and project data come to life in real time.
  • No more spreadsheets, no more pivoting tables.
  • What happens with the data ?

    Once you have connected your simPRO company to Savvy Reports, data is only pulled from simPRO into Savvy Reports,
    no data is ever pushed into simPRO at any stage.

    Forecasting & Budgets

    Focus on achieving your goals by making great decisions using accurate data.


    Create reports and charts using data from your cloud platforms in no time

    Trend Monitoring

    Easily review trends in your business using your customised reports and forecasting


    Quick and insightful metrics on the health of your business

    Cross-platform Integration

    Consolidate your data by integrating with one or more cloud platforms

    Customer Support

    Friendly and dedicated world class customer support

    About simPRO?

    Designed by trade and service contractors, simPRO solutions are built to work for your trade business needs, no matter its size.

    Service management made easy.

    Once you’ve created and scheduled a job in simPRO, technicians can easily add parts, labour and services, making it simple to invoice your customers using predefined rates.

    Manage multi-stage projects with ease.

    Estimate, schedule and invoice at each stage of a project. Having a work breakdown structure ensures you can complete every stage of the project efficiently and cost-effectively.

    Reduce your estimating time.

    Whether you’re job costing for a residential service job or estimating for a multi-phase commercial project contract, simPRO keeps you in control.

    Getting Started Guide

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    Step 1

    Log into your Savvy Reports account.

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    Step 2

    Navigate to the Add-ons page and add the simPRO Add-on.

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    Step 3

    Fill in your simPRO API account information, then select your company to connect to.

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    Step 4

    Connection is complete. Start creating reports and dashboards.