So now that we know that you are tired of using spreadsheets to do your reporting, it's time to find out about a better way. Savvy Reports' custom reporting feature provides you with the flexablity required to use blended data from all of your cloud applications. Not only can this feature be used in conjunction with multiple cloud applications but it can also be used when your only cloud application does not have your desired reporting capability. Creating reports from your cloud environment has never been easier.

Custom Reports

Flexible Reporting

What do you do when the cloud application you are using just doesn't report on the important stuff ?

Some turn to spreadsheets, OTHERS turn to Savvy Reports. Do not let the shortcomings of your current cloud application stop you from gaining laser accurate insights into your business. Get those all important inventory metrics or those sales figures that have been over looked. Do not miss out or work harder any more, flexible custom reporting is the smart choice.

Flexible Reporting
Custom Reports Pivoting

Blending your data

Instead of pivoting tables in spreadsheets, simply create the relationships using our simple drag and drop user interface. Savvy Reports will do the rest, it has never been easier to use data from all of your cloud applications.

Adding Add-ons

Add any or all of your cloud applications by selecting from the array of add-ons (integrations) we have available. Create reports from your accounting and inventory add-ons or add your ecommerce add-on to make it 3 in total. Once you have added your add-ons you are ready to start building your reports.

Adding Add-ons
Custom Reports Filters


Refine your data even further with easy to use filters. Once setup, the filters can be used to deliver accurate results based on your requirements.

Custom Calculated Columns

The data that your Add-ons such as XERO, SimPRO, Shopify etc. return is not always presented in the format you need or is stored in a different manner to what you require in your report. Custom calculated columns allow you to have more reporting flexibility by enabling you to manipulate the data in each column of your report.

You now have the ability to build your own calculated columns by inserting a calculation of your choosing. For example, you may want to multiply an amount in one column by ten and display this value in a new custom column or you may simply want to add a column with some text. Our custom columns feature gives you this flexibility.


Custom Reports Filters
Consolidated Financial Report

Write a Note

Notes are a convenient way to keep you and your team on the same page with your reports. Write a note to explain the details of the report, point out anomalies or trends, ask questions and more.