Are you or your team currently using a forecasting tool that takes too much time to setup or see multiple outcomes on the fly ? Savvy Reports automates this process by building scenarios for you based on your needs. Once the scenario is built, Savvy Reports will provide you with a true 3-way forecast, profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow outcomes. Use a number of features to manipulate your scenario on the fly, producing multiple outcomes with a click.

3-Way Forecast

Cash flow Forecasting

Cash flow is critical to all businesses, so using all the data available is paramount. Where historical data can tell you where you have been, present and future dated data can tell you where you are headed. Savvy Reports' cash flow scenario uses not only historical data, but present and future dated data as well. Combining these sets of data gives you a much clearer understanding of where your business is today and where it is headed.

Cash flow Forecasting
What-If on the fly


Create a cash flow scenario and then use the "What-If" feature on the fly to manipulate your scenarios' forecasts to view multiple outcomes without creating additional scenarios. It's as simple as including or excluding a forecast and saving your preference.

Basic Scenario

For times when all you need is your historical data. The basic scenario is free of all the bells and whistles leaving the forecasting in your hands. Add as many forecasts as you like using the "What-If" feature to generate a true custom multi-outcome scenario on the fly.

Basic Forecasting
Advanced Forecasting

Advanced Scenario

Based on your historical data only, forecast the future of your business by account or title, giving you a blanket overview of things to come. Adjust these forecasts based on projected month on month growth helping you understand your businesses potential.

Write a Note

Notes are a convenient way to keep you and your team on the same page with your forecasts. Write a note to explain the details of the forecast, point out anomalies or trends, ask questions and more.

Forecast Notes