Are you or your team struggling to make sense of all the figures produced by your business cloud applications ? Let Savvy Reports simplify this process for you by using real-time data and visual graphics to enhance your businesses' data. Give your chart a date range, group your data, apply filters and let Savvy Reports do what it does best.

Reporting Dashboards

Charts & Graphs

Breath life into your data by using an array of visual graphs that best represent your data. Stop using spreadsheets to make sense of your data, rather use Savvy Reports to impress your boss or fellow colleagues.

Dashboard Charts & Graphs
Dashboard Calculator


Use predefined values such as total income or total expenses to calculate outputs like gross profit. Select from a list of preset calculations to display the desired result or simply use the presets as a stepping stone for calculations of your own. Creating or editing these calculations on the fly is made simple by a drag and drop system.


With flexability and customization being the focus of Savvy Reports, apply any number of filters to your charts to isolate the exact data you are wanting to view. With great flexability and customization, comes great responsibility.

Dashboard Filters
Dashboard Basic

Dashboard Connection

Create a chart using data from any single add-on connected in your Savvy Reports organisation. Add the add-on you desire (Xero), select the data you would like to view from the add-on and let Savvy Reports do the rest for you. View your inventory levels or best sellers by month in a simple click.

Sharing Dashboards

Share read-only dashboards with colleagues or department heads focusing on KPI's and targets. Have your business advisor take a look without having to be a Savvy Reports user.

Share Dashboards