Custom Reporting

Tired of using spreadsheets? tired of spending hours pivoting tables and not getting the desired results? Savvy Reports takes all of the hassle out of report generating. Create custom reports using blended data from any number of your cloud applications.

Blended data

Data is used from any and all of your add-ons to create flexible custom reports.

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Flexible reporting

Is your current cloud application limiting your reporting capabilities ?

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Add multiple integrations

Easily add multiple add-ons to your Savvy Reports organisation to access your data.

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Refine your data even further by setting up filters based on your desired results.

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Financial Forecasting

Want to use a forecasting tool but don't want to spend heaps of time setting it up? Savvy Reports gives you great flexability to choose the level of forecast scenario generated. Start forecasting in seconds, selecting from multiple scenarios using real time data to produce clear to read profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow forecasts.

What-If on the fly

Add or remove multiple forecasts from a scenario on the fly without the hassle of creating a number of scenarios.

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Cash flow scenario

True cash flow forecasting starts here, using not only historical, but present and future dated data as well.

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Basic scenario

Want full forecasting control? Build your scenario your way, adding forecasts on the fly.

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Consolidated Financial Statements

Does your consolidation financial statements take you and your team hours to complete? With Savvy Reports’ automated reporting module, generating Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash flow consolidated reports is as quick and easy as a few clicks.

Profit and Loss

Summarise the revenues, costs and expenses incurred during a specified period across multiple companies and currencies.

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Balance Sheet

Summarise the bank accounts, assets and liabilities incurred during a specified period across multiple companies and currencies.

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Central Dashboards

Need to be able to view your data graphically? Build multiple graphical dashboards for your real-time data in a few simple clicks. Keep your finger on your businesses' pulse by monitoring trends and avoiding pitfalls.

Charts & Graphs

Select from an array of visual charts and graphs that best represent your data.

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Calculate outputs such as gross profit using predefined values such as income and/or expenses.

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Apply any number of filters to view indepth visual analytics for your business.

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User Access Control

Are you an accountant or advisor looking to give your clients access to their forecasts and reports but are unable to without sharing other clients data? Savvy Reports has solved this problem with a strict user access control system.

User Roles

Invite a user into your Savvy Reports organisation and assign them a role, the role will define their overall system access but it gets even better...

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User Sharing

Share and review dashboards, reports, forecasts and notes with colleagues and clients.

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White Labelling

Are you an accounting firm looking to make the transition to an advisory firm or simply want to create a seemless experience for your clients and colleagues ? Savvy Reports offers a white labelling service for just such occasions to impress your clients and generate long lasting rapport.

Stand out

White labelling makes Savvy Reports yours, position it as your very own software, helping you stand out from competitors in the market.

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Seamless experience

Rebrand Savvy Reports to blend in seamlessly with your company website and theme.

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Dedicated Domain

Get your very own Savvy Reports domain to present to your clients on login.

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