Are you an accountant or advisor looking to give your clients access to their dashboards, forecasts and reports but are unable to without sharing other clients data ? Savvy Reports has resolved this issue using some of the latest technologies and methodologies. Using systems that most of us are used to using on social media platforms, you are now able to securly give your clients and/or colleagues access to their data.

User Access Control

User Roles

Invite a user into your Savvy Reports organisation and assign them to 1 of 4 roles, the role will define their overall system access. Assigning a client to a guest role would be best practice, by default the guest only has access to very limited areas of the system with no ability to create or delete.

Invite Users
User Sharing

User Sharing

All but the guest role have access to create, edit and delete dashboards, reports and forecasts. Once created, a report, dashboard or forecast can then be shared with any user in your Savvy Reports organisation. Only once shared, can a user with the guest role view and partially edit the item shared.

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