Create your very own custom reports using blended data from all of your cloud applications. You will no longer need to use those cumbersome spreadsheets, no more pivoting tables. Consolidate data from multiple sources or use just a single source.

Save time by using Savvy Reports and use that time tending to your businesses needs. Have more visibility on your stock or see how you are costing your services. Make sense of your financial data in a way that makes sense to you.

Understand your business the way that only you can!
  • Add any number of cloud applications to form your reports.
  • Create custom reports using blended data from multiple sources.
  • Consolidate data in a few simple steps.
  • Create your favourite report or choose from our presets.
  • No more spreadsheets, no more table pivoting.

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    Manage your business quickly and accurately with online dashboards to help make informed decisions to achieve better business outcomes. Solve problems and seize opportunities as soon as they arise while sharing and collaborating for optimum results.

  • Easily customisable charts, graphs and tables to fit your needs.
  • Use your actuals and report against your forecasts.
  • Report on all financial and non-financial data in real time.
  • Set indicative targets as guidelines

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    Forecasts & Budgets

    Great budgeting and cash flow forecasting is the centre of Savvy Reports. Using your actual historical data, you can build an accurate three-way forecast in seconds. Monitoring your cashflow is essential, so project up to ten years with your data.

  • View cash incoming and outgoing by account and by forecast item.
  • Spot trends easily and turn them into decisions.
  • Use past, present and future data in real time.
  • Learn from the past and optimize the future.

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    Consolidated Financial Statements

    Consolidating multiple accounting organisations has never been easier. Simply add any number of accounting add-ons to Savvy Reports, set the date range and let the consolidating begin. All data is aggregated in real time, so no more wasting time on outdated data.

  • Consolidate and report on overall organisation performance.
  • No more messy spreadsheets to deal with.
  • Consolidate up to 100 companies.
  • Data aggregation made simple.

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    Advisor program vs. Partner program

  • Learn to use Savvy Reports in your practice.
  • Advise your clients on their reports, dashboards and forecasting.
  • Grant secure, restricted access to clients.
  • Get great discounted packages for bulk clients.
  • White label Savvy Reports so your practice stands out of the crowd.

  • Advisor program
  • Train clients to use Savvy Reports themselves.
  • Help setup your clients reports, dashboards and forecasting.
  • Securely add unlimited multirole users .
  • Earn passive monthly income for implementing Savvy Reports.
  • White label Savvy Reports for seemless franchise use.

  • Partner program

    User Permissions

    Simple and secure user access control means you can seamlessly collaborate over business scenarios, with your team and clients.

    Real Time Data

    Never use outdated data again! Data is used as and when you need it.

    White Labelling

    Customise Savvy Reports with your own branding to create a fluent experience for your team and clients. Stand out from the rest!

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